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Handcent SMS wiped stock Messanger off of my phone...wtf?


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Jun 19, 2012
SO all of my friends have iphones (typical lol) Well they group message a lot. I was just added to that the other day. I receive all of the messages from everyone that is part of that group message, but I don't receive it as a group. I receive it individually. And when I respond, my message only goes to that one person rather than the group.

So I tried a couple apps...Go SMS Pro and Handcent. Go SMS pro says that it will only be a group message if you receive the messages within 3 mins of eachother...hahah wtf? That's pretty pointless. So it doesnt look like that one is going to e a good one.

I then DL'd handcent. In settings I can't click on the group messages setting. it says that I have to set Handcent as Default. There is no where in the apps setting to set it as default and theres no option in the homescreen settings to set handcent as default.

I then went to my contacts, clicked on a friend and selected to text message him. Since I had two text message apps installed (Stock & Handcent) it asked which one I want to use for this text, it also had a box I could select that would make that app as the default app. I did that and it completely wiped the stock messanger off of my phone. The shortcut is no longer on homescreen, it is no longer on my app list and then when I hard press the homescreen button and then go to "ALL" to see all the programs installed onto my phone, either stock or installed myself, it is no longer there. It was there before when I was trying to figure out how to make handcent my default.

And to add salt onto the wound...I was under the impression that selecting handcent as my default would actually set it as the default lol. But when I went back to handcents settings to activate the group messaging, the box is still greyed out and it still says I have to set handcent as the default. WTF?
I'm not sure why it disabled the stock message as I've set handcent as default and it didn't do it for me. You can get disabled apps back though by going to application manager, all tab and then scrolling right to the bottom where all your disabled apps should be

No, I just explained that when I go into the application manager and go to "all" that the stock messenger is no longer there. Hence the title "handcent wiped the stock messenger off of my phone".

It didnt just disable it. Its no longer on my phone. Its not on the app tabs or anywhere.
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Sorry, you'd be surprised that when re-enabling apps people will just go to where it is in the alphabet and don't actually look at the bottom of the list. I thought it might be one of those situations:)

Ya its weird. But I appreciate the help. I don't need my stock messenger. I am happy with handcent. But hopefully this isnt a sing of other bad things to come.
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