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handcent sms

no, not two NOTIFICATIONS....two messages.....
i think whats happening is you're getting 1 msg in handcent and 1 msg in the regular msg app. tdog7879 was saying to turn off the notification for the regular msg app in settings. that way u would only get notified for handcent, even though u would still get the msg in the regular msg app, too. but...if you mean you're getting 2 msgs in handcent then...i don't know what that could be
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I get two messages as well. One from Handcent, and one from the factory mms system. Is there a way to turn off the factory installed service so only Handcent will receive/send text messages?

I also have aproblem with the sped of both the factory mms and handcent. Te virtual keyboard does not seem to keep up and misses letters more often than not. I do not like the slide out keyboard at all, I love the virtual keyboard when it works. Is there a fix for that?
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I havent found a way to turn off the factory sms system, so to avoid getting two msgs, (one in factory sms and one in handcent) I switched apps to sms popup. Its very similar to handcent but doesnt run into that problem. To avoid getting two notifications, open factory sms messaging, hit the softkey menu button and then disable factory sms notification. Hope this helps
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how do you add a text or email notification ring tone from your music

Easiest - get Ringdroid app. Open it, pick your song, edit accoringly and save as Notifaction (for texts etc) Ringtone (obvious) or Alarm (obvious again). It will then create file to work.

Alternatively - on the sd card place a folder called 'media', within it 'audio', within that 'notifactions', 'ringtones', and 'alarms'. Place file appropriatley.

Now, open up handcent, open a thread with the contact you wish to use, top right corner has custom edit for contact. Change notification for the contact.

Let me know how that works.
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Looks like I'm running into the same problem as many. When I downloaded handcent sms I now get two meesages one in the default that came with the phone and one in Handcent. I have tried to disable the factory one, but have not got lucky. Can anyone help please, Thank you...

there is no way to disable the factory messaging system. it will still receive messages even if you have handcent. all you have to do is turn off the notifications from the factory app. that way, you'll only get one notification from handcent.

btw, i have a question of my own. when receiving MMS messages, does handcent automatically retrieve it, or do i have to manually download it myself all the time?

thanks guys!
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That's a bummer JohnLee. I quess I will just have to uninstall Handcent and download SMS popup, otherwise I will have to go back to my default messanger and delete all the messages on a weekly basis so I don't have double of everything. I never recieved an MMS on Handcent so I don't know what to tell you, but I think I did see where you can have it set in settings to auto download MMS.
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I just checked mine. You can see dual messages, one in handcent and the other one with the factory program. When you delete the thread in one both are cleared of the messages which leads me to assume (I know) that there is only one copy but both can display it. I don't think it is two messages. So if you shut down notification in one, you will only be notified once.
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I am trying to understand whats the big deal if you can read your messages thru either Handcent or the stock message. There is only 1 message coming through and you are choosing which to view it. Why do you need to turn off stock messaging? I use Handcent and don't see any stock messaging in running services..
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Ok I googled my question and I came across here and this is an old thread I know. But on my EVO 4G this happened and I forgot what I did or where the setting is to fix this and now It's happening on my Evo 3D it's making a sound every time I send an SMS. I only want a sound when I get an sms. I forgot how to turn it off. Thanks,
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I love Handcent and never used the popup before then I started using it Even ifmy phone is locked I see a popup and I like it I have htis cute summertime skin and I like handcent cause you can have a different sound and a different notification colored envelope for different people. But this happened on my EVO me and my friend compared settings and we figured it out and I forgot how we did it. But I don't like hearing a sound when I send a text. I may try Handcent I think they have a forum.
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