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Hard Bricked ZTE N861


Mar 18, 2015
Hi guys, i have a hard bricked zte warp sequent, i cant even enter DFU mode. :( can anyone help me with this or is it a paperweight? I had flashed a rom, i cant remember what one it was, it booted up fine, and then when it powered off or died it wouldn't turn on, plugged it in to the charger and nothing, not even the light. I know this phone is old but it is fun for development. Thanks in advance,

~~~~~ EDIT~~~~~~
It is a boost mobile N861 by the way.
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OK.. It sounds like a hardware issue. I'm very familiar with this device (think.. JollyRoger ROM) and have to say 2 things.
1. It sounds like it could be a hardware issue with the details you've given.
2. I'm impressed that you kept one alive for so long!



So that being said, could I interest you in checking out the Warp Sync? There's a TON or development and ROMs for it (many are mine, now). It is also the last of the Rootable line of our Warp devices also with unlocked bootloaders.. Hence, we have CWM & TWRPs.
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I don't have the money to buy one lol, is there any way to fix this because it was a really nice running phone, i believe the rom i installed was Acheron. When you say it is a hardware issue what would/could it be?
Usually a power button/circuit board issue.. But I don't believe there ever was an Acheron ROM for the Sequent. And almost everyone also KNOWS that you NEVER flash a ROM built for another device as the kernels & corresponding hardware drivers won't match.. Kind of like trying to put a Ford truck CPU IN A HONDA. NOT gonna work. Sorry. So if Acheron ROM actually was made for the N861,then it's hardware issues. If you flashed a ROM that WASN'T made for the Sequent, then you royally Fukt up. Either way, you're done. Use this as a lesson not to be repeated.. Sorry, bro.
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