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has the G1 improved in the last 9 months


Dec 9, 2009
A year ago I bought a G1. It lasted about a month or two before it got put away and I pulled the [COLOR=#000000 ! important][COLOR=#000000 ! important]blackberry[/COLOR][/COLOR] back out. So my question is, after a year has the G1 improved?

The big driver for me to quit using it was battery life. Have they done anything to improve it? Maybe some fancy coding that makes it draw less power? Or perhaps can you now get a reasonably priced longer life battery that doesn't add thickness to the [COLOR=#000000 ! important][COLOR=#000000 ! important]phone[/COLOR][/COLOR] and require a new back? It seemed stupid for me to have a phone with all these nifty featues like 3G or GPS yet have to leave them turned off.

Did they ever put in an on screen keyboard so you didn't have to slide the thing open just to reply to a text? I know there were a couple of independent apps but they weren't quite working when I put it away.

Has the ringer feature got better? Can you chose a sound and vibrate or set up profiles so you can set the ringer for more than just on and off?

I really want to use this phone so give me some good news

Thanks in advance for any responses.
I have had my G1 for 14 months. October 2008.

There has always been an onscreen keyboard along with the slide out keyboard.

I have not had any battery issues. I do keep GPS off unless I need it. I keep screen at 50%. No need for it to be brighter. My 3G is always on except when using WiFi at home.

On a performance note. I rooted my G1 during the summer. I have compared it to Touch's and Hero's and its faster than their stock phones.
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