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have you ever sent your phone out for repair?


Jul 26, 2010
So, while launching my boat, I took a slip and fall into the water <no alcohol involved> <pause for laughter......>

anyway, besides losing a 1/2 pack of smokes, my precious tbolt was in my pocket as well.

I immediately pulled the battery drove home and put it all in a bag of rice. My wallet is still in another bag of rice. Left it in there for a day and a half. I powered it up and have a couple problems. Crackling noise for sound is dissipating, still have a few almost impossible to see wavy lines, and no matter what battery I have in it shows charging always, but never finishes charging even when plugged in.

So, what I was wondering, I did a search and see a few places that claim they can fix water damaged phones. Has anyone used any of these online services, and if so can you recommend one? Also, I see most of them want me to send it then they will give me an estimate....thoughts on cost? Thanks for looking, hope you get a little bit of relief that it was me and not you that this happened to. Oh, and before you ask, no I never get insurance on my phones b/c this stuff never happens to me!:eek:


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