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Have you updated to 3.37.617.1 (Pie) on your U11?

* 3.37.617.1 (1.28GB) Pie update became available in the USA a couple weeks ago

Wondering if you have downloaded / made the change on your HTC U11:
A) Notice any significant (good or bad) changes?
B) Any issues (the big question)?????

I haven't seen much info / results out there about this update here in the USA (not that I know of many places to look for that info lol)
I haven't done the download yet - My U11 has been running great since day 1 and I am a bit apprehensive about going to Pie after all the issues that people were having overseas (they have had it for a while along with a handful of updates to try and fix "issues")

Appreciate the info!
Hello? Why hasn't anyone responded to this question? Why is the entire internet silent from actual users who have upgraded their U11? All I can find are posts about what the update contains - I'd like to hear from people who've actually done it. Or am I and OP the last two people on Earth who still have a HTCU11???
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I believe that chatting about how good a phone is has become uninteresting and thus forum life is dying. If phones have problems it's way better for chatting.

Could be that's there's only one or two members of AF who's actually got this particular phone, and knows anything about it. Myself, I don't know anyone personally who's got an HTC phone.

There's often plenty of chat on AF about something like new Samsung phones
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