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Hello Samsung Captivate User here from Felton, CA

I am a Linux fan who runs Fedora Linux 14 on all my computers, and as such, Android was the natural choice for smartphone OS for me. I have a Samsung Captivate from AT&T running Android 2.2. The specs, for those not aware of Captivate specs, correspond to the Galaxy S (1Ghz Hummingbird ARM Cortex A8, 512MB RAM of which 350MB is usable, 16GB Flash including 2GB of Application ROM of which 1.5GB is usable, 4.0" AMOLED 800x480 screen and 5MP camera w/o flash).
I'm really happy with the phone because everything works nicely, it's fast and the screen is gorgeous, it has a replaceable and extendible battery & microSDHC card (and you can replace the microSDHC without unplugging the battery), and it generally does a good job with common tasks i use it for.
I think the best things Android has over other OSes is plug-in support, default application for a task modification, free navigation & dictation, superb notification system, WiFi tethering, microSDHC support, Flash support, an open Market + sideloading, and Widgets & general customizability. The worst things about Android are lack of Qt and GTK+ support, lack of support for common programming languages, and no HW accelerated UI.
As a phone, the key advantages to me of the Captivate over other Android phones are value, screen size & quality, speed of processor relative to other mid-range or low-end phones, thinness, and hackability. Over iPhone, Pre 2, Samsung Focus, or Nokia N8, the key advantages include a large screen, thinness, good quality camera, AMOLED display, high screen resolution, good call quality and replacable batteries & microSDHC cards, with advantages varying depending on the phone you're comparing it to.

From what I can tell, this is a good community, and android is a good OS!


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