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Help Help! Android Virgin with Samsung Galaxy S GT - I9000


May 17, 2011
Hi all,

I bought a second hand Samsung Galaxy S GT - I9000 off ebay which arrived today. It came in the original box but no manual came with it.

I really want to be able to listen to podcasts from itunes on my new phone so i did some research and download "double twist" app onto my pc. I also tried to download the app on the phone but when i search for twist magic on the android market place, the app does not show up in the list.

I have tried scanning the barcode (an app i could download) and it didnt recognize the url. it said "the are no matches in the android market for "insert barcode result here" "

I then also tried to download google listen. I got the same result: "the are no matches in the android market for "insert barcode result here".

When i try and manually type in the app in the search function of the app store on my phone, the word search predictor actually completes the app name i want but when i search i cannot see it.

So i decided to try and see if i can find some of the ore popular apps on the market
Tried appbrain- cant locate it
tried facebook - was able to find and download
barcode app -could download

So it looks like for some reason I am not able to download all apps. Is it because of my location (I live in Malta)/phone type??

Please I really need some help on this..

P.S. By the way the phone is unlocked and I have yet to input a new sim card in if that matters



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