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Help connecting Desire to Car Stereo


May 3, 2010
I currently have an Ipod Touch which is connected to my car stereo through the Aux using Ipod connector at one end and 3.5mm at the other. Sound is superb, can you get this for the HTC desire or should i just stick with 3.5mm to 3.5mm through the headphone socket.

Will the sound be a lot worse just going through the headphone socket??

Really want to stop carrying both Ipod Touch & Desire around with me everytime i drive my car
You can go with a simple 3.5mm plug to 3.5mm plug lead from the headphone socket (electronics shop), or try to get better sound with another lead.

If you look at the leaflet that came with the box in the Desire, there was an official HTC accessory that plugs in the USB port, with RCA style phono ports. I've not got it (quite tempted) but this should mean it can give line-out audio. You will then need a phono socket to 3.5mm plug to plug into the AUX.
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