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Apps [HELP] error installing android (archlinux + eclipse ganymede)

Hi all, i have an issue installing android-sdk_r3-linux on eclipse, ganymede version

Downloading SDK Platform Android 2.0, API 5, revision 1
Installing SDK Platform Android 2.0, API 5, revision 1
Failed to rename directory /home/smau/Downloads/android-sdk-linux/temp/PlatformPackage.new01 to /home/smau/Downloads/android-sdk-linux/platforms/android-2.0

this is the error i get, and i cannot figure out what's the problem, since i own that folder, and there's no PlatformPackage.new01 anywhere (so, it's hardly renameable...)

error no more occurs when running eclipse with sudo, still this is not the answer needed :p


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