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Help with data settings for other carriers.


Jun 6, 2012
So I'm trying to flash Cricket's Samsung Vitality (R720) to a non-US carrier. Everything is fine except for the data settings. For the NAI and PPP settings, it uses a different number than the MDN. This number is a code (5 digits) plus the MDN. The problem is that all Cricket handsets take just MDN numbers (10 digits only) for the NAI and PPP settings. Whenever it exceeds 10 digits for the MDN portion of the NAI and PPP, it reverts back to a default number upon reboot. For example, on cricket a normal PPP number would be 1234567890@mycricket.com. For this other carrier, the MDN would be 123451234567890@vzw3g.com. What can I do so that I can enter anything I want on the PPP and NAI fields permanently?
Thanks for replying! I tried using qpst, but after a reboot (after writing new settings to the handset), the default parameters comeback. This doesn't happen with Sprint phones because their NAI and PPP is usually an MEID@sprintpcs.com. Unfortunately the company I work for wants to these cricket handsets to work for this carrier. I think the carrier is from somewhere in Africa.
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