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Root HELP with "How to get back to complete stock from s-off and 2.2"

Follow that link I posted, steps to verify the md5 is in the second post. By verifying the md5 code it lets you know every file isn't corrupt. There is an md5 calculator in the market also. Just select your file and match the code with the one posted.

You should always verify md5 for things applied to your phone. Can prevent a brick and helps when troubleshooting issues with roms.
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I followed it, and nothing changes. Every post I've tried and seen has the same process, but it just isn't working right for me. Everytime I get to Hboot, it reads the file, does whatever while giving me no prompts and then nothing else happens. I'm not sure if it's supposed to automatically reboot, but it doesn't. I manually go to reboot and my phone is still on UltimateDroid, not stock.
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