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Here is the link to Sprint's page on the phone

I alled my local sprint store and the guy said "we aren't taking pre orders for it yet, call back tomorrow."

I called Sprint directly and they said "we only take pre orders online in the premiere section" to which I found no way to order it through sprint.com

Anyone figured this out yet? I'm 99% sure I already want it, and willing to "risk" $50 for it... thoughts?
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I think if anyone asks me what phone i have, ima just gonna say Galaxy S2. epic touch and epic is confusing for most ppl. Im surprised though at how ppl confuse super different looking phones for iproducts. i have had many ppl ask me if my current epic was an iphone, and if my asus transformer (undocked) was an ipad.

I have had similar experiences. It is starting to get very irritating...
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