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Hero compatibility issues with Pioneer BTB100 Bluetooth Adapter

I'm having real issues establishing and maintaining the bluetooth connection between my HTC Hero (1.5 Rooted) and my Pioneer Car stereo. It is a DEH6000UB with a BTB100 Bluetooth adapter which is plugged into the IP Bus.

I usually have to search a good 3 or 4 times from both the phone and the head unit before I can establish a connection and then am lucky if it lasts 5 minutes before it drops out.

When trying to play Bluetooth mp3 audio, both the phone and head unit recognises the connection but I can't hear any music.

I have made and received a few phone calls using bluetooth so it is obviously not totally incompatible.

Is there anything I can do to help stabilise it all?

Predictably, I tried it on a Nokia and everything fell into place straight away.


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