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Hero Screen Glass?


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Oct 28, 2009
South Texas
I have a question about the hero screen. I have read on other forums and done some searching. I heard that the hero screen is glass with an oleophobic layer on it. If this is true and the glass is hardened, then solution to the best screen protector with the most fingerprint resistance would to not use a screen protector. Can anyone confirm the hardened glass screen with the oleophobic layer on the sprint hero?
I was pretty sure it was glass. As far as the fingerprint resistance, I don't think it can be any worse than the boxwave crystal clear protector I put on mine. It is a nice screen protector but a fingerprint magnet. I guess I will go without a screen protector and see how that does. I know from experience how resistant hardened glass is to scratches.
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I am pretty sure that's glass as well. Maybe not as high quality as an iPhone or iPod Touch. I have a scratch on mine but it is not noticeable at all unless I hold the phone in a specific manner.

The coating if it truly exists sucks. The oil from finger prints is easy to remove but it does get finger prints. Even with just a quick light touch there is a print left behind.
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