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Help Hey everyone! + HTC Sense password help!


May 27, 2010
Hey everyone I am completely new to these forums! I have a HTC Legend with Android 2.1 installed (which I love) and I was wondering whether it is possible to use an iPhone-like code unlock so I can enter a 4 digit passcode instead of having to use a gesture based slide unlock without downloading any special apps? It seems strange to me how there is a special slide unlock (which easily makes your code visible to anyone looking at your phone and is harder to remember) but does not have a windows mobile/iPhone style number code unlock.
@masked_face - I don't think you'll find it unless you try to look for an app. The unlock pattern is just the way the Legend works.

@kwikshot - In addition to what I said above, the Legend just doesn't work that way. It does not have the style that windows mobile/iPhone have. To solve the issue of people seeing your pattern however, can't you just untick the box that says "Use visible pattern"?
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You should have a look at the Lockpicker app. It gets around the Exchnage mandated password feature. This is set by the Exchange administrator, though, so I would suggect that you could have a talk with your IT department before downloading this app. That said, I use it and it works great.

Hey thanks. Will be quite difficult then since my co has very strict IT rules. Thanks anyway.
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