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Hi I'm newbie- so TY for having me-& quick question


Nov 12, 2014
I have a Verizon Motorola Android 3 - and it is so slow and dialer won't dial or takes 5 mins to finally dial, and camera force closes, etc.
So I want to do a Factory Reset but first I want to backup my phone-
Can someone please tell me in really simple terms how to backup my phone before doing the "factory reset"?
Thanks so much. I am so not tech savvy. :(
Hi dobsfamily2 and welcome to these forums. A stock phone can only be backed up with some personal effort. You will want to make certain that your photos are on your SD card or copied to your PC. You might look at the Play Store for an app that will back up your texts if they are important to you. It's always good to make note of email settings as well as google and mail passwords. Once you factory reset your phone you will be starting the setup process from scratch. So if screens and shortcuts, widgets etc are important to you... bother to write down where and what they amount to so that will ease the set up process. Your downloaded apps will automatically be replaced once you sign into the Play Store with your original Google account info.

There is likely things I've left out but that is the general info for a factory reset on a stock phone. It's best to be double certain you have what is precious to you backed up for it will be removed when your phone is once again factory fresh. You will be very pleased once you are set up again. Refreshing a phone will do wonders for it's speed and stability.

Here is a link to where your phone is discussed. You might want to poke around in there and even ask for additional advice before you do your reset. Best of luck to you.
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