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hiding icons


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Nov 26, 2009
is there a way to have a folder in the 'All programs' and then within that folder place the links to applications?

I am looking for something like the start button on a PC.

There are many apps we can install that we never actually need an icon for, such as Phonebook and Cnomp to name but 2.

When I was using a BB I could create a folder and dump the links to similar apps inside or I could simply hide an icon.

How can I do it on the Hero?
All Programs is just that... all programs.

You can make folders on the home screens (any of the 7 screens) and put apps in there. Folders on the home screen cannot contain widgets, only shortcuts, and folders cannot contain other folders.

I have a folder on my left-of-center screen which contains apps I use sometimes, but not too often.

Hope I understood your question correctly.
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