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Hmm... Maybe the Sense UI is worth leaving on...


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May 17, 2010
This is from a review of the Incredible, but it is speaking of HTC Sense running on Android 2.1:

HTC has included a handful of its own widgets alongside some of the familiar stock ones which Google offers. Of course, the widgets (and their corresponding apps) which HTC offers generally offer far more functionality than Google's options, and they're also tied together with Sense in way that makes the experience of using them within the OS feel complete -- something notably missing from the Google-only experience. To say that this UI is competitive with something like iPhone OS 3.1 (or 4 for that matter), or Palm's webOS is an understatement; in many ways it's superior to what Apple and Palm are offering.
Droid Incredible review -- Engadget


We can't stress this enough: HTC has made a really good OS (Android) into a truly amazing and competitive OS. HTC has even improved upon the copy and paste functions of the phone, making the process much more iPhone-like, but expanding on that with options to share and look up your selections via a context menu. Oh, and did we mention the amazing new text flow in the browser? No matter how far you zoom in, HTC's software will reflow the text you're looking at to make it zoomable. It's pretty amazing, actually. We don't know why Google doesn't just collaborate with the company in a more formal fashion, because no one else has been able to deliver this cohesive and enjoyable of an experience with Android.
This isn't really new - reviews have praised Sense UI's widgets for months now - but there are downsides to Sense UI as well. With the improved homescreen UI and nice widgets come permanent changes to core apps which cannot be undone even if you turn Sense UI off. It's something that I'm willing to live with in exchange for the Evo, but the stock dialer, for example, is definitely superior to the HTC dialer. This review goes over some complaints about Sense UI (I don't agree with all, but most).
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T]This review goes over some complaints about Sense UI
Wow to me that review reads like something the onion would write. Is that guy serious? OMG sense UI shows me pictures of the people I am talking to! How horrible is that! Lets go back to the DOS days where everything is black and white. Or even better just a basic green and black pong like interface will do.
I hated the droid without sense, it's a joke ascetically compared to a patched webOS.
I have to wonder how many people who like android without sense have actually used other phones like webOS, iphone, blackberry, windows mobile or Palm OS to be able to make comparisons or realize what's out there.
I can say i've used everyone of those or at least played with everyone for a bit.
I'm hoping SenseUI makes the phone at least tolerable and for all those screenshots in the review I'd pick the sense one everytime.
The more I read the forums here the more I don't wonder if there aren't a lot of apple err android fanboys too that no matter what's better will pick android.
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