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Help Home screen cut off on one side

Hey guys,
I only just noticed this problem today on my Moto G (2015). I've recently upgraded to Android 6, and have not had any problems until now. Basically, this morning the right side of my home screen had been cut off - almost as if it had been squashed to fit a smaller space. All my other apps work fine, and the wallpaper still reaches the edge of the screen! Any ideas? And no, my phone isn't rooted.

And please, no comments about that wallpaper!!!!!


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You can with most replacement launchers. I don't know about the Motorola one, but few if any built-in launchers have the feature. Can you move icons or widgets into the empty column, or does it just not let you do that? That might give some clue as to what's happening.

I assume you've tried trivial things like rebooting the device, and haven't been messing round with screen densities (which I think would require root).
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