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How are you guys going to manage/listen to music on your EVO?

Store or stream? Combination of both?

I'll probably transfer some of my music to the SD card but I'm mostly going to stream it. Pandora seems to always know what's on my mind or what I like. I also got an mSpot beta invite courtesy of Phandroid so I'll sync my iTunes to my mSpot account and stream it. mSpot is really great. If anyone has else is in the mSpot beta take their survey, they'll give you an extra 2 gigs of space making it a total of 4 gigs for free.
SD, but only maybe 2GB worth. I have an iPod touch that I really do like, so not sure how that's going to fit into my mobile music needs.

Same here. I don't think I'm going to be loading like over 2000 songs for my EVO lol. I'm putting music on the device here and there....no doubt. But I'm happy with my Zune player.
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I'm probably going to keep my iPods for music. I have far more music than a 16GB card can handle and years of iPod accessories. I will only have few small playlists of music on my Evo and will use it as a listening device only when I'm not carrying my iPods (when listening isn't a top priority).

I'm still unsure how the Evo/Android combo will work with headphones with inline mics either so until I own a great headset that's 100% Android-compatible, I'll let time sort this out.
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I'll load music on 16gb SD card and replace carrying my ipod around when going on business trips and what not. I have an Alpine head-unit in my car that I typically leave my Ipod connected to. Hopefully one day I can connect my Evo to an Alpine head-unit and get a similar user experience the ipod connection currently does. Until then I'll be forced to update two devices, but at least I'll only have to carry one device with me when I travel.
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