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How can you hook up your MyTouch 3G to the car radio?

My radio, an older alpine but most aftermarket units have something like it, has an aux port in the back. I got a 3.5 cable off of ebay for about 10$ and the car dock sold on here for around 20 or 30. If you have the older version you will have to get a splitter to charge and play at the same time. works pretty good for me though. A side note though, the splitters I found used a standard mini usb and also had the MT3G type so you will have to use a standard cord for power. Hope it helps.
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Hey, does anyone know is Slacker radio does the Bluetooth Audio? My Iphone, and my Blackberry...well any blackberry does it... Hooks right up to my Kenwood DNX9410...Sounds great...They all have a audio over bluetooth button.. But I don't see one.. I've yet to hook it up with my deck, due to being busy... But if it's does not...Then i may just give it to my girl.. Phone is not impressing me.. OS is over year old (1.6) And I hear new software is on it's way, but who knows when..
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