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Help How do I change my gmail username or password?


May 17, 2011
Hi there,

my e-mail (gmail) on my Samsung Captivate is telling me "User name or Password incorrect". How do I change it on my phone? I can get in on my computer. I had to change it on the computer recently, but now am unable to change it on my phone!

Any help is appreciated!
You might try going to menu>settings>applications>manage applications and clearing app data for the gmail app and the market app. You will lose all your settings, but if you are sync'ed, you mail and apps will return once you reaccept the TOS and login.

You might want to reboot your phone after you clear appdata in case there is anything cached.
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I guess Google figured it out. On the next attempt to down load mail form my account there was red triangle with and exclamation point appeared in top left of the screen. I dragged down the page to find a notice of an error upon sign in. Touched it and it allowed me to enter the new pin and away it went. I believe this solved the problem.
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