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Help How do I create a shortcut to a file?

Thanks for the tips. I tried both apps and here's what I found:

Any Cut:
I could not figure out how to create a file shortcut on this app.
To its credit, it's a very light app (31 kb), which is much better than Astro's 1.49 mb.

Does the job of creating shortcuts. However, Astro must be running in the background for the shortcut to work. If you click the shortcut when Astro is killed you will get an error saying "program not installed".
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if you want to create short cut to office documents there is an in-direct way.
Create a shortcut in desktop by Menu>+>Shortcut and select Recent Doc.
Go to Application Open Think office and open the document you will be opening frequent and close it. Now go to desktop , press on Recent doc you can see your document there...
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OMG this task is such a basic, fundamental feature - I could understand if Android was in "Alpha ver. .01a".

There's no reasonable excuse for doing something that should be simple (w/o extra apps or "tricks") requires users to search forums, yet STILL not find the answer???

I'm looking to put a link to each of two different .PDF files on one of my homescreens. Maybe I can just actually copy the files there, instead of making a "shortcut"? I may be wrong assuming each homescreen is represented by an actual folder?
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I recommend using Linda File Manager

1. it's free
2. on the Market
3. high rating
4. small and lightweight
5. allows you to create a shortcut to a file, and put the shortcut on home screen
6. you can uninstall Linda File Manager later and the shortcut remains
7. it's FREE

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