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how do I increase the volume output from my Samsung Galaxy 2 Tab 7"?


Dec 5, 2012
Hi I am using my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" to play backing tracks for my solo and duo act. At the moment I am playing via the headphone socket with a 3.5mm jack to 2 x phono into my PA system and playing the tracks using zorillasoft music file player (this app gives me the functions I need). The volume is full up and the music output setting in audio is full up on the Tab and I have also used the equallizer in the music app to boost volume to max, but I am only getting approx a quarter of the volume from the Galaxy compared to the other instruments and vocals through the PA. Therfore I am having to turn the channel on the PA with the tab almost full while the other channels with guitars and vocals are only a quarter turned up to get a decent mix!

Is there any way of boosting the volume output on the Tab without exspensive add on equipment?

Thanks :thinking:
With the custom kernel i use on my phone, you can adjust the output volumes at a hardware level but that requires root and the sound distorts a bit if you go too loud. You could look into getting a headphone amp and putting the sound through that before it gets to the mixer but ive no idea how expensive they are :thumbup:
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