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How do I install and run apps from my external memory card?


Aug 13, 2012
I just got my Google Nexus 7 tablet that has the 8gb. It's little to hold a bunch of my apps. Wanted to ask if there is a way to install it into my sd card or usb memory and run the app all externally without using my tablet storage.
It has been rooted and tried apps that I could find in the google play store about running apps in external storage but none seem to work.
Any solution would be appreciated?

Welcome to AndroidForums, dahkine!

I'm not sure that you can reliably do that. I'm also not sure you can either install an app on a flash drive nor use app2sd to get one there. I'm not sure how you use your tablet, but the best "advice" I can think of would be to load any media you have (movies, mp3s, pictures, etc.) on the flash drive and use the N7's memory for apps. It's still not a great solution but may be the only one feasible.
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