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How durable are the connections on the ports?


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Feb 17, 2011
North Dakota
I am anxiously awaiting the birth of a new ASUS Transformer....will be getting it in a couple of weeks. As I think about the tasks that I want to use it for I begin to wonder how durable the ports are. I plan to connect it to the 42" lcd's in every classroom that I teach in. I will use one cable - and keep disconnecting/connecting it to the lcd but I started to wonder - how durable are these tablets? I plan on protecting it from obvious dangers - being dropped on the floor, moisture and dirt, etc but what about connections - and other dangers? dropping and water and dirt, oh my! :afraid:
Whilst not invincible, the connections are relatively sturdy and unless you're deliberately trying to damage them, they should stand up to every day use.

Which Transformer are you getting? I can move your post to the correct forum where you'll likely get better assistance from those who own the device.
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