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How is the 4G battery life?


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Nov 13, 2008
If folks could wipe the new-phone-love-pixie-dust out of their eyes ( ;) ) how is the 4G battery life? Feed back at the local store and users appears not much better than the Charge. Seems if you use the 4G (duh) and stream video or download files, the radio drains the juice like the others do.

Any phone should will have good battery life if you do not actually use the radio for data.

Feedback based on Louisville users, since no 4G in Lexington yet :(

None the less, too early to know for sure on battery life with 4G use.
I used my phone for 9 hours at work last night. Most of it was streaming music. I was also browsing tbe web, playkng games, and redowloading all my apps.

I started with 70% battery when i unplugged it. By the time I plugged it back in i was at 10% battery remaining. It was on 4g all night as well. I also use bluetooth headphones which were attached the entire time.

Keep in mind that i am also using the 2700maH extended battery.

Doing these same activities on my OG droid made that 1390maH battery die in 6 hours.

I think that the phone should last fine on the standard battery as long as you arent using data constantly.

Heavy data users should use an extended battery.
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