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How many Android phones are still running with 1.5?

1.5, at least for me with my Eris

still lets me show it off to everyone (even people who don't care about phones/pda's), and make them want to buy one.

Will 2.0 do that better? maybe insofar as having better speed? Who knows. But this HTC Sense and Android OS are stunning.

I don't have a problem with 1.5. I know people who left iPhone for the HTC Hero, and would never go back, despite perceived speed differences.
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Im in mexico with America Movil Carrier, (telcel)/dext and is still on 1.5 Im so wishing We could get an upgrade for 1.6 at least since my battery life drains really fast, camera apps gets freezy and there are many other little issues with the phone that Im pretty sure will be corrected with the update. Something really concerning is that google is doing nothing to give us all costumers firmware update, specially forgetting people in latin america that is buying their phones! Bad luck for us, the carrier here would never exchange the phone or take it back just because there is no software update...
Any ideas of when will dext be receiving update???
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