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How many cell phones have you had over the years, including the first one?

How many cell phones you've had since your first one? Post 'em

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My first cell phone was in 1998.

{Previous Phones} Nokia 5110 (1998) - Motorola Razor - Sidekick - Samsung Blackjack II Red - Blackberry Curve 8310 - Blackberry Storm -Backflip - iPhone 4G - Sony Experia X10 - Samsung BlackJack II- Dell Streak 5 - Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S9+, Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G
{Current Phone} Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
The Samsung BlackJack II was the prettiest one of them all and my favorite, I still have it.

It's been a fun ride!
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Nokia 2140 (single band, 1994) - the only phone whose battery lasted longer than spec (but the shortest battery life on this list)

Nokia 6150 (dual band, 1998) - design fault in display. Got fed up patching it up and got my carrier to replace it when I heard they were out of stock. That plan worked and they replaced it with...

Motorola L7089 (tri-band, 1999) - really basic software but excellent reception.

Ericsson T68 (auto-switching tri-band, 2002) - smallest phone and longest battery life on the list (by far). Not at all waterproof, which led to...

Motorola RAZR V3 (quad-band, end 2004) - probably my favourite, even though software was once again a step back. Kept me going well into the smartphone era.

HTC Desire (2010) - the point where smartphones were mature enough for me to consider getting one.

HTC One (m7, 2013) - best designed smartphone I've ever owned, possibly best designed full stop. Storage a bit tight though, and camera vulnerable to heat damage.

Pixel 2 (2017) - the last big bezel phone (already behind the curve when released). Would have replaced it with another Pixel, but the Pixel 5 lacked storage and the 6 was too big.

Galaxy s21 (end 2021) - what I'm typing on now. Works well, though I'd prefer something slightly smaller.
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LG 3.2 Megapixel Camera & Camcorder, Social Networking, Dolby® Mobile, FM Tuner (87.5-107.9 MHz) (VX8575 Black) | LG USA I damanged the plastic touch screen forever with touching it with a pen constantly, too bad I could only do text up to the end..
Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III - Full phone specifications loved the touch and made waves on the touch screen, I used to play with that only a few hours at a time hahahaaa :)
I still toy with this cell from time to time:
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My first cell phone was a Motorola Ultra Classic... the brick 1989
Then I had one or two but don't remember and no longer have
Qualcomm QCP-820 1997
Audiovox CDM-4500 1999
BlackBerry 7100 2004
Motorola Razr V3 2005 (the only phone I broke)
and a replacement Razr V3 2006
HTC Droid Eris 2009
HTC Droid Incredible 2010
HTC M8 2014
HTC M10 2016
Samsung Note 10 2019
Samsung S21 Ultra 2021
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Too many to mention. Here's some though:

1. Nokia 252 (AMPS only, segment display with dot matrix area for letters/numbers. No features, games, not even texting, only calls. my first cellular phone in '98.)

2. Nokia 5100-series, this lasted me until mid-2010. I got used to them, the UI, the shortcuts. They were built like tanks, lasted forever, and had endless customizations, from faceplates, to LED mods, to antenna flashers. The last one was a 5185i via Page Plus that I was still using in 2010 until the battery could no longer keep up and boss handed me an iPhone.

3. iPhone 3GS, my intro to Apple. This phone was magical to me. It turned into literally anything I needed it to be, thanks to something called 'skeuomorphism' which I still cling to today with undying passion. It made the phone turn into a radio, or a notepad, or a camera. It was so fun to use, that I upgraded to:

4. iPhone 4. Even better, more HD looking 'retina' display making the UI pop. Hey, the future was here and it was glorious! Well, until iOS 7 happened which sadly spread like a virus to all other mobile OSs and even Windows/Linux.

5. BlackBerry Curve 8520. My attempt to protest against Apple. Failure. Thing was without any real apps, BlackBerry World (app store) sucked, it was slow, and needed hard reboots too often, which could take up to a HALF HOUR to finish if you had enough data on it. I could see their death coming even though the die-hards on CrackBerry.com refused to accept it (wonder where they are now?)

6. Various Android phones most running 2.3. I loved Gingerbread, and it remains my favorite Android version even today. No Play Services crap, and a truly AOSP experience for geeks and smart people, not dumbed down. Hated the hardware though--you can't get a good Android experience with only 256MB of RAM. Sadly, many phones that ran 2.3 were severely gimped this way and with internal storage, making the act of installing even one third-party app an 'interesting' endeavor. The SII I got in late 2020 was excellent though, until the carriers became dicks and ended 3G.

7. My favorite Android phone of all time and ironically the most hated model ever made, the HTC Thunderbolt. I never experienced HTC Sense 3.x because by the time I got a smartphone I was an Apple fan and when Android became more common for me, the stupid M8 with its flat UI mess called BlinkFeed was the mainstay. I seem to love what everyone else hates. The Thunderbolt was a great phone. It never seemed all that slow, and the battery made it through a day of work no issue. But I got it late, in 2020 until mid-2022, where Verizon cut off support, following the same stupid unethical crap AT&T did to my SII.

8. Samsung Galaxys. SII through the S5. I was using an S5 I've had since 2016 until this weekend where the phone went thermal runaway and the battery turned into a beyblade, aka spicy pillow. The phone no longer read SD cards and was reporting 2% free storage and it was dropping and apps were constantly crashing so I figured the writing was finally on the wall for the poor thing. Now running a

9. Galaxy A03S. I had an A13 5G that I intended to replace the S5 with that had a very well-done by me HTC Thunderbolt theme, but sadly for some reason, despite the phone being unlocked, soon as I stuck my SIM into it (even confirming with Verizon that the IMEI is clean and compatible) the notification came up saying "Invalid SIM Card: Network Locked SIM card Inserted" which I have NEVER seen before. The A03S was the closest compatible phone and despite the day it took to sort of recreate my Thunderbolt theme (not nearly as well done either) it works fine. I don't do much with smartphones today, only texting, calling and playing music, so I didn't install much other than the Android 2.3 music player, themed the texting app (Samsung Messages) to resemble the look I had on my S5 (pretty much nature wallpaper with 3D chat bubbles) and set the icons to a skeuomorphic icon pack and used the wallpaper from the HTC, but it's working.
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Quite a few - I'm sure I've forgotten some.
Ericsson C31
Some Sony and Motorola feature phones(I forget which ones)
Samsung E350
Sagem MYX901
LG GM360
AN LG Slider
HTC Wilfire S (X2) both rooted running CyanogenMod 11
Sony Xperia U
HTC One M9
HTC 10EVO (bolt)
Cubot Nova
DooGee Mix
Ulefone Note 11P
Huawei ALE-21
And probably some other I've forgotten
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