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How to change AT&T signature on text-to-emails??? (or charge them for advertising...)

I cannot find a way to change the setting for signatures that AT&T uses when I send a text message to an email address. There is no signature setting for messages but AT&T has found a way to append one.

Note: This question is NOT about how tho change the "Sent from my fantastic android device" message that you change in your email settings.

Note: This question is NOT about how to add a signature to all of my text messages.

This is specifically is for SMS texts ( possibly also mms texts) sent to email addresses; AT&T appends a tag that says "This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T". TV stations charge advertising fees for this sort of thing - I should be able to as well.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S2.
Not to be a smarta$$, but why use something you can do for free. I don't pay for AT&T texting in any capacity because its a rip-off. Ever since a decade ago when they started charging per msg I stopped. Instead, now I use Google's FREE service which does not stamp crap like that. They provide an awesome service. Instead of fighting them for something you'll never win unless you go to court, just do the walking and take your money.
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