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How to easliy fix loose charge port?

I had similar issues with a Nokia for a few months but they replaced the port, along with a charging board, under 2 year warranty.
It was a known issue there; with the inferior metal prone to warping. That had the more rounded Type C port.

It may be worth seeing if a small (good) phone repair shop can reshape the port internally, but it may not be possible - or it's affecting the board the attached as well.

Always worth getting a quote from Motorola support.
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I will assume that because this phone is rather old that it is using a mini USB cord.

These can easily become bent and not make or maintain good connections anymore.

Take a look at the end that goes into the phone.

One side only has a seam, where the metal surround meets, and the otber side has a small clip on each end that securely latches the cord into the phone.
See if these stick up good enough, or if one is lower than the other.

The cord end could be bent, and if in one direction this can make those little clips stay inside the end and not make contact at all.

You can replace the cable, or try to do minor repair to it.
I have done a few things to cables, but be forewarned that any bending of any metal part will weaken it to some degree- therefore making future damage more probable.

Replacing the cable is the best thing to try.

You can try using a needle or precision screwdriver to pry those little clips out, so that they portrude more.

You can also slightly bend the end in the direction that makes the clips stick out more.

Generally, I do a combination of both, so that I don't go too far with the bending.
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