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How to get rendered Hindi(indic) fonts on Android on very short note. ;-)


Sep 3, 2011
17Aug- I got my 1st Droid Lg P500 :).
02Sep- I upgraded to 2.3.3 (V20b.kdz : www . mediafire . com/?9t36bbztqos07bo) with KDZ_FW_UPD_EN without flashing.
03Sep- I upgraded to 2.3.3 (LG P500 v20g.7z : www . mediafire . com/?t93k6ler431fb77) with LGMDP-v1.5.exe @2100Hrs.
03Sep- V20g failed so I rooted and flashed everything and this attempt ended with success @2230Hrs.
03Sep- But V20g didn't render Hindi(indic) fonts so I decided to downgrade with V20b @2300Hrs.
03Sep- Failed in 'emergency mode', I re-tried but failed again @2330Hrs.
04Sep- I removed the battery and tried hard boot(almost everything),P500 was dead by 0000Hrs :-(
04Sep- I googled about the scenario and hence I bricked P500 motherboard @0030Hrs.(androidforums . com/search.php?searchid=5634453);-(.
04Sep- It was sunday.No hopes,although I called LG service center @ 1200Hrs.
04Sep- Googled the location and reached by 1300Hrs as it was about to close by 1500Hrs.
04Sep- They said MPC has to be replaced and they did @1400Hrs.
04Sep- Again I was with my Droid 2.3.3 V20b with Hindi support by 1430Hrs @ my home :).


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