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How to get rid of Motorola one 5G phone contacts


Mar 23, 2011
When I hope Contacts on my Motorola one 5G phone I see the correct number of my Gmail contacts that doesn't have any duplicates. When I search for someone there are many examples of duplicate contacts listed in my phone contacts.

What can I do so that when I search for a contact it only searches in my Gmail contacts? Also, where are duplicates coming from when it looks in my phone contacts?

Thank you for looking.
I had a similar problem years ago. I went onto Google and found that contacts that seemed the same had subtle differences. I had to take the time to make each contact identically the same as all instances of the contact to remedy the problem. I hope that is the case with your contacts and that's a fix for you.
Thank you, olbriar. I have previously gone onto my Google contacts online and when using the merge and fix option it doesn't find any.
When I do a search for a friend called Donna I get at least 15 Donna's with the same name. My guess is that the only reason why they are showing up multiple times is because its going through "phone contacts".

If I don't do a search there are not duplicates. Once I start a search I see boxes below the search window that include "phone contacts" "Google Contacts" "Company"
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