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Help how to load midis for ring tones

Yep, I dropped the midis onto the sd card. It looks like you have to go to each file and go to the menu and select "use as ringtone". Not as simple as just dropping them into a directory. Also, they're now in the music libray, so if u play on shuffle, it incudes ringtones.

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Same thing for Midi's ;)

** My folders had to be setup this way to read tags and avoid putting alarms and ringtones into Music lists for stock Music player:

Root of SDCard:
* create folder call it music and put *.mp3s in there for playback and listing in default music app
* create folder called media, under it create a folder called audio, then under it create folders "Alarms", "Notifications" & "ringtones". Use these for those files and they will auto list for you
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anyone know of how to clip part of the mp3 for the ringtone? There are certain songs I want the chorus instead of the beginning of the mp3. Take Crazy Train from Ozzy for example, that's ok bc the first few chords are what I want but there are others I just want the chorus.

Download ringdroid from the marketplace. You can do it right on the phone.
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