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Help How to permanently remove "Mute all sounds" from Samsung Galaxy A13?


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Mar 19, 2017
I liked my Samsung Galaxy A21, but the glue holding the case together lost adhesion. I used my Likewize insurance, and they sent me a Galaxy A13 as a replacement. Problem is, this is a shitty phone with a weird OS (Android 13 with silly features). The most irritating problem I'm having at the moment is that the "Mute All Sounds" keeps turning itself on with no known action on my part. Please understand that I know how to temporarily turn that on and off; that's not what I'm asking.

What I AM asking is if there is any way to permanently remove/disable the ability to turn it on at all under any circumstances. I want that feature to not exist!

How can I accomplish this? Are there special commands to alter features, sort of like how browsers like Firefox allow you to alter "hidden" settings with the "about:Config" command. I'm not going to violate the warranty such as by rooting or the like.

On an unrooted phone, no. Even with root you'd have to find a system mod (probably specific to this particular model) that does this, which I've never heard of.

Maybe you could change your Do Not Disturb settings so that almost everything is allowed to make a sound even in DnD mode (i.e. make everything you can an "exception")? Might be possible to work around it that way.

Check your Do Not Disturb settings to make sure you don't have any schedules set up. And maybe check that your calendar app doesn't have an opinion to mute during events (not a common feature, indeed I use Tasker to make mine do this, but worth eliminating as a possibility).

If it's not something like that all I can think of is maybe something keeps pressing the volume down button?
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