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how to prevent & fix videos that play upside down


Dec 7, 2016

I've recorded several videos on my Mate SE sideways, or 'landscape'.

I've copied them to a windows machine and they play fine. When i upload to some sites, the video appears upside down.

Since the phone was held sideways, I don't know which way would have prevented this. I suspect there's a marker, a metatag in the file somewhere.

Now that it's done, and plays fine in windows, anyone know how I can detect and fix the upside down issue before I upload to a video hosting site?
Detecting it first may be an issue.
This is because (like me) you watch it on the device it was recorded on first, right?


My camera app does the same thing.
It's not even consistant.

Anyway, a nice video editing app will make fixing it a snap, and can give you even more cool options that you may enjoy.

Personally, I like YouCut.

There is no watermark in the finished product, and quality loss is low.

There are ads, but they do not interfere with the task onhand, and they do not appear at any other time except for just before it makes your video.

Turn off all internet access (I just use a firewall to block that app's access) and you will have an ad free experience.



In your particular case, the 'flip' feature will turn your video over.

This editor will also allow you to put multiple videos together, even adding pictures and/or your own soundtrack, and other options.
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