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How to recover deleted photos and videos

Chances are they are gone.
Unless you have sophisticated and expensive forensic software, and have not saved anything else.

The free apps you find that claim to be able to recover files often will only recover thumbnails of what was on the device- low resolution copies that look terrible when viewed fullscreen.
Then there are the apps that want money to recover the data, and as far as I can tell they are scams.

Yes, it may be possible to recover, but the odds are slim, and slimmer as you use the device more.

When you delete, you really do not delete- the files are still there- but you do make the memory space available to be reused.
We have no control over what bits of memory are used when or for what, so when some of these bits get reused there may be a portion of memory from an old file used.

That means that even if you can get a deleted file to 'recover' in some way, it may be corrupted by anything that got saved after the deletion.

This is why the trash feature exists.

It is highly recommended to use one, as it would have prevented this altogether.

I do not use Google Photos, and none of my devices have a built in trash feature.
However, the Gallery app that I use has a recycle bin that works the same way.
Anything that I do not restore from it gets deleted for real after 30 days.

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The thing is, Android devices use encrypted EXT4 storage, and one of the premises of that is for a secure erase, to ensure that deleted items can't easily be recovered.

That's why some manufacturers like Samsung, may have a recycle-bin/trash-can type feature in their file manager apps. Which on my Note20 was ON by default.
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I accidentally deleted all my folders that contained videos and photos, in the gallery. The trash option was not turned on. I did not have google photos installed either. How can I recover them? My phone is Galaxy S9.
If you have created a backup earlier in the cloud storage then you can easily restore them back to your phone.
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