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Help How to restore skin tone of emojis that got changed against my will?


Mar 19, 2017
This morning, when I turned my Samsung A-21 on and prepared to send a text with an emoji, I was shocked to see that the skin tone of all the "People" emojis had been changed to dark grey. I'm running Kaspersky Anti-Malware, but it didn't report any infections.

Anyway, how can I change the skin tones of all of them back? All the "help" instructions I've found (and there were very few of them) advise us to choose the Google DBoard, then long press any arbitrary People emoji and perhaps move your finger left or right, but I've tried 50 times and nothing even hinted that something might be happening!

Other "help" suggestions state blankly that I have to root my phone to change the skin tones, which is clearly gibberish since how would that explain how the colors got changed on my non-rooted phone in the first place!

May I ask some knowledgeable person to guide us, please?
I didn't see your suggestion in time to try clearing the cache as a test, so I don't know if that would have solved the problem or not. But after roughly two weeks, the problem disappeared and the original skin tones and the like were back. I know I powered off/on or simply restarted several times, but that didn't solve the problem.by itself. Thanks for your reply in any case!
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