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Help how to save battery in samsung galaxy Y

i charge my fone this afternoon and after charging it, nakastandby lang sya.tapos ngayong gabi around 7pm deadbatt nanaman.what will i do? do i have to return it? kasi 2days palang sya sakin or do you have any tips on how to save battery?help pls.

i was about to post "wag mong gamitin ang phone mo to save batt" loool. seriously, how many minutes/hours did you charge it? if your phone is new, the batt is only "pre-charged" and will require more charging time than usual. adjust the brightness, turn off wifi/bluetooth/apps that runs on the background and see if it helps. :)

sometimes due to bad charging habits (a few minutes of charging every now and then), the phone gets screwed and will think the batt is full. when this happens, try to remove the battery, wait for a ten-20 seconds, then reinsert. it will return the correct batt status.
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