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how's different HTC desire/desire S/incredible s


Apr 29, 2011
I'm considering to buy new HTC mobile (or Motorola-atrix)
(Here is in Germany)
Which is the best for you?
I'm considering speed, display and battery life compared to cost

Or.... what do you think about sensation or Evo ?

does 4G or Dual become important (for long contract)?
I'm getting confusing to buy new one

I'm wondering what are main differences among them for beginning user.
HTC Desire - original model featuring 1ghz Snapdragon SOC with Adreno 200 GPU and about 512MB of RAM (I think some sites list RAM at 576MB).

Both the Incredible S and Desire S are this year's model featuring a 1ghz Snapdragon with made on a smaller process which yields better batter life. Also, they come with the Adreno 205GPU (about 70% faster than the 200) and 768MB of RAM.

The Desire S features a 3.7" screen, while the Incredible S has a 4" screen. Otherwise, they are very close to being the same phone. The original Desire is going to be phased out shortly in most markets.
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What's best of the Desire is something we don't see much with other Androids anymore --- mechanical menu buttons. In restrospect, the Desire was probably designed earlier than the Nexus One but came out later because of HTC Sense. I suspect the Desire was designed shortly after the Hero was, and inherits the Hero's approach to buttons before everyone shifted to the cheaper capacitive buttons.

The buttons below the screen, with the small trackpad, gave the Desire its distinctive character and look. And its all really sweet to press.

What made the Desire a hit was its a virtually perfected Nexus One. A new touchscreen, plus a stronger frame around the screen removed the touchscreen bugs that afflicted the Nexus One. HTC Sense gave Android substance and look --- HTC's rolodeck clock is iconic. The phone is fast, stable and it delivers. And it all feels beautiful on the hand, like living sculpture. I no longer use my HTC Desire, but I plan to keep it as a testimony of industrial design as art.

Its a virtual perfect Android phone except for that puny 131mb of internal phone memory. That limits your storage a lot, so its a good thing Froyo came out for it. Its closest US equivalent, the Droid Incredible, had 1GB of internal phone memory and probably HTC would have made a bigger impact on 2010 if the Incredible went GSM and sold worldwide. HTC's tactical slip was probably one of the reasons why Samsung overtook it starting the second half. And that is why, the new Incredible is no longer a purely Verizon exclusive.

The Desire S succeeds the Desire and continues the proven Desire/Nexus One design formula. Its a winning formula so why change it.

So why have an Incredible S that is so similar to the Desire S but the screen and the back styling? Again, with the Droid Incredible a big success, HTC doesn't want to lose another winning formula. Its only inevitable Verizon will order an DINC successor and HTC wants to maximize that success further with a GSM variant.

It should be noted that the US actually has its own version of the Desire S, six months before the Desire S was released. Its called the HTC Emerald, whose shipping name is the MyTouch 4G. Although the Desire S ships out with Gingerbread, its slightly stripped down vs. the MT4G, losing the trackpad and the HSPA+.
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Which is the best for you?
Wrong question unless you're buying me one. What's best for you? What are your requirements? These are the questions that every "Which device?" thread OP needs to answer.

does 4G or Dual become important (for long contract)?
Contract is irrelevant. If what you use can take advantage of dual cores (or you expect that will be possible) then dual cores would be of benefit. 4G is of benefit if you have 4G coverage but it's also a battery hog.

I'm wondering what are main differences among them for beginning user.
Don't put the cart before the horse. Define your requirements and then select the best suited device. If one device was the best choice for everyone then everyone would be using it.
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Can it be very efficient in a mobile device?
I mean how much software can it cover these dual core?

I'm considering to buy sensation or incredible
and of course sensation is more expensive
so I'm wondering how much sensation can be more efficient than incredible.
because I'm thinking whether dual core in the mobile device will be essential or not.
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