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HTC A9292 (Supersonic) WiMAX 4G

My opinion is that this lawsuit is about money. HTC is really not the one being attacked, it is Android. Since HTC is a small company and one of the first to implement android to their devices, that is why Apple is going after them. If they continue to pursue this lawsuit Google for sure will step in. So, in the short term outlook, HTC will still produce phones and eventually this will be between Apple and Google. It will be ended by a lump sum of money. No delay in any of the HTC products. (this is only my opinion).
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Do none of you wear belts? I have a leather holster that goes on my belt and never dropped a phone since I have had one.

I wear a belt but I think he holsters are annoying. Tried many times but I felt too dorky wearing one and they were uncomfortable when sitting unless it was just in the right spot. I get that this is a very personal opinion but to me, phone holsters are up there with pocket protectors in terms of nerdiness. Obviously these things are subjective so if in your opinion and in the circles you live in these aren't a big deal then by all means go for it. I just know that aesthetically and comfort-wise I don't like them.

I'm fine with a thin hard or silicone case and a screen protector in the front. I almost want something I can take off easily when I won't be needing it just because these things are so slick looking.
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I'm not knocking anyone on their decision to use cases, holsters, etc. To each his own. I just happen to like the zagg skins for the simple fact that it protects and I can customize the way it looks. But I guess I'll have to wait to see how it feels before making a decision. I might consider a hard or silicone case as well but I love the feel of it being "naked" and yet protected at the same time
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man you guys are funny. I love it when the forums are this light hearted and people not bashing each other. Anyways - I totally agree on the shattered screen..that was a good point @Neodorian. I hated seeing my friends' cracked iPhone screens. And with a screen as large as the SS - it would be horrible to see it cracked the same way. I mean yeah they could use this glass to make it:


but that would just make the phone a little bit fatter LOL
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lol i'd be okay with that!

and insurance alllll depends on who you go with, i think sprint is like 100 a year or something... i go through my insurance company though ;)

With Sprint you pay $7/month and then if you break your phone it's $100 to have a new one sent out. They are very fast about getting them out but it sucks to pay $100. Still...better than $600 for a new phone.
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