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htc desire help wiith geting hot and reboot


Dec 14, 2010
hello there can sum1 help me with my htc desire
keeps on re-booted itself and geting hot . I tuck it back to the shop and they siad we will send it off fot repair got my phone back after a week and still got the sume problem shut down again and repeated the process. Pressing the on/off button had no effect, so I removed the battery and give it 5/20mins and will start again. can sum1 help me plz plz :thinking::(:mad:
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Do you have a lot of apps/widgets loaded on your phone? Do you leave WiFi or GPS running all of the time? Lots of running apps can cause the phone to heat up. If, however, the phone isn't doing anything but getting really hot then I think it prudent to believe that the phone hardware is having issues.

At that point you could try a different battery to see if the battery is causing you issues. Otherwise, I agree with Steven... call tech support!
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Did it get hot as you described before the 1 game was installed? Maybe that one game is poorly coded and is having issues on your phone.

If the phone did the same thing before you installed the 1 app then it's highly likely that your phone hardware is having problems... I'd suggest calling Tech Support to see if they will replace the phone. Did you buy it new from the carrier? How long ago?
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