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HTC Desire Unlock


I have just used HTCCode.com to unlock my HTC Desire and im delighted :-D

I was sceptical at first not knowing who was reliable or not, with mixed views being aired about several different people who provide unlocking services. However im proud to say that HTCCode.com are fantastic especially the customer service with Sudarshan talking me successfully through the whole process.

I would recommend them, based on my experiences, to anyone looking to unlock their phone.
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HTC Desire SIM-Unlock Utility [Archive] - xda-developers
don't purchase a code for the love of god there are ways to do it for FREE. I just unlocked my phone in 20 mins mainly because im a noob or would have taken 2 min if i didn't have to research it and go through sites with idiots telling me to buy. Use link at top of page Download the app you have to read there is a link/ he posted the sites, then mount ISO, burn to disk, then in start up f2 menu tell comp to boot from disc and follow instructions. done any sim will do now.
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Here are the instructions which I got from "UnlockGenie", after unlocking my phone at $9.

How to unlock HTC phone?

How to Enter Unlock Codes into all HTC phones:
1) Insert a not allowed Sim Card and turn ON your phone.
2) Phone will ask ?SIM Network Unlock Code?.
3) Enter Unlock Code.
Tip for HTC HD2:
If for any reason code says incorrect code, make sure to turn off ?swype? on the keyboard.

How to Enter Unlock Codes into HTC Snap/Dash 3G:
1) Insert a not allowed Sim Card and turn ON your phone.
2) Go to Setting.
3) Select Security.
4) Select Unlocking SIM.
5) Enter Unlock Code.

How to Enter Unlock Codes into Telus & Verizon HTC Touch Pro2, Ozone and Imagio:
1) Power on your phone.
2) Go to Settings.
3) Go to Phone.
4) Go to Network.
5) Switch your phone to GSM mode.
6) Go to Security.
7) Go to Select SIM Manager.
8) Go to unlock SIM.
9) Phone will prompt for a code, enter the unlock code and press OK.

Hope this helped

No no no no no

its free

HTC Desire SIM-Unlock Utility - xda-developers
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Trying the free unlock method on my HTC Desire however it get stuck on Hboot; just many many following dots. Have to remove battery to shut phone down.

I have checked Settings > Applications > Developement > USB debugging

I wonder if I need some drivers for the Desire on my Win 7 32bit Dell laptop, if so where can I get some.

When connect my Desire to my laptop, before running app, I get the 4 choices and choose "Disk Drive". This does work as can see the card in Explorer.

Any advice please?
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After getting:-

Error 13a: AdbReadEndpointSync returned error 31

I can, just about font too small, see some commands on my phone. Select simunlock
words say:-

FAT32 init OK
Open MCCMMC file fail
Open CID file fail
Process done, reboot device?
(Vol UP) Yes

answer yEs but reboots to 02.

I note that as long as phone stays connected Device Manager shows "Andriod Devices" I assume that these are the drivers loaded by the app?
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