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Help HTC Desire Z no 3G


Feb 10, 2011

I have two phones Samsung S and HTC Desire Z

I can get 3G working on the Samsung but not the HTC Desire Z so I know the sim is working.

So far I have gone to menu, settings, wireless & networks, mobile network (on), mobile networks gsm dotted.

But it still won't go onto 3G.

Please can anybody help me?

In Settings/Wireless & networks/Mobile networks, ensure that (a) Network Mode is not set to "GSM only" and (b) "Enable always-on mobile data" is checked.

Hi Slug

I have changed it so it is not set to GSM only, I have changed it to WCDMA and it does not work, I have tried GSM/WCDMA also with also the enable mobile data ticked and it is still not working.

Do you think there is components missing on the phone that need downloading?

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That's how my own is set up and 3G/H kicks in whenever data xfer is needed. :thinking:

Where are you located and which carrier do you use? Maybe there's someone on the same network reading this who can compare settings.

I am in Huddersfield, I am with T mobile, I can access the internet with my Samsung S phone but not with my HTC Desire Z (which I find most strange).

I am a bit lost on what to do to be honest.

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I can access the internet with my Samsung S phone but not with my HTC Desire Z (which I find most strange).

Okay, try this....

Swap your T-Mo SIM into the Samsung, boot it up, go to Setting/Wireless & networks/Mobile networks/Access Point Names, and make a note of the default APN settings i.e the APN that is marked as active. Then replace the SIM in the DZ and compare its APN settings with those you noted.
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Hi All

My HTC Desire Z stooped working on the mobile internet.. No 3g etc..
Checked everything but could not find anything worry bar..
The APN's listing was missing.
I'm on Vodafone, so i phoned them and a very nice tech girl sorted it out with in 2 minutes!

For some reason all it had was Vodafone PAYG setting and not "contract" setting.

Once we had installed the right settings it worked!

Menu/settings/wireless & networks/mobile networks/Access point names/

Settings for Vodafone contract are:

Name: Vodafone Wap
APN: wap.vodafone.co.uk
Port: 8799
User: wap
Password: wap

Click save.

If not you airtime supplier.. Give them a ring for the settings.

Neil T
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