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HTC Dream - G Calendar not synching


Nov 26, 2009
I just got my HTC Dream and I am trying to sync it up to my gmail calendar. I have scoured the net for anwers and have tried everything. My settings are all setup properly....the problem is, my syncs are sparatic. Some times from phone to GCal, sometimes from Gcal to phone, sometimes the phone doesn't synch for hours (I check the last time it autosyncs). So far I cannot use this feature as it is 100% unreliable. I have not been able to have it work both ways at the same time for any lenght of time. I have done hard resets, cleared caches etc.. Any other ideas?

ok, I think I got it now:
go to the settings menu
go to data synchronization.
background data should be checked
auto sync should be checked.
then check the following three options (one of which is calendar.)

I updated to 2.1 last night. I have two Gmail accounts on the phone. One has the three options but the other, which is the one I want to sync, only show contacts and Gmail. How do I get the phone to recognize the callendar to sync? I recall previously I had to enter a new event in the callendar and select the Gmail account and then all was well but as I stated, when I go in to the data sync screen, it doesn't have the callendar option.
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