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HTC Hero or Sonny Ericsson C901

HTC Hero or Sonny Ericsson C901

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Apr 3, 2010
HTC Hero or Sonny Ericsson C901,How about the camera?I already have a HTC Hero, but i just wondering is it worth buying a new C901,for I am looking for is a camera phone!I want the phone to have good camera specifications.
So my question is :Is the C901 a better camera phone than the Hero.And should i get C901 and sell the hero?
Thanks a lot!
C901 is infinitely better as a cam phone. But if you use any of the smartphone features of the hero, you will really miss it if you switch. I agree with the idea of a seperate compact camera. If that wasn't an option I would put up with the crummy cam on my hero.
I can't really think of any phone that is good enough to replace a real cam anyway.
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