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Help HTC Incredible - download apps via WiFi?


Jun 25, 2010
Hi all.

I just got HTC Incredible, but am still using my blackberry storm, and need to for another week or so - do not want to convert prior to the company moving to google mail.
anyhow, I managed to skip the activation and am playing with the phone on WiFi only - problem - I would love to play with some apps, but cannot figure how to get them to my phone!
Googling it did not help me, and all I can see is what the apps are, not how to download them.
Going into the "Market" app gives me "A server error occurred..."

I would very much appreciate if someone will hint me on how the heck can I get some apps and play more with the phone prior to activating with Verizon.

So far I am rather impressed with this device! Seems like the hardware/OS works very nice! Browsing, doing email some other things over WiFi is blazing fast, and in general the phone interface seems very nice and intuitive! Way better than by BB Storm!

Thx a bunch for any suggestions, and sorry if the answers are out there - I just did not manage to find the right ones.

If you didn't activate the phone, does that mean you didn't register a gmail address to the phone? If you didn't, the market is not going to work for you. Lots of the functions of the phone are married to your gmail address.

If not, I don't know what the problem could be. I don't have any trouble downloading apps over wifi.
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I did register google account/mail. So I assumed that maybe app store does not work without the cell network... I am just not sure what and why - seems like both of us ;)
I've read of pple skipping wireless activation and still being able to download and play with apps, but no one seems to say how.... WiFi sure works well, but not for this one thing it seems.

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I know it is working for you, but for any future viewers who experience something similar...

When I am on WiFi at work I can navigate through the market etc, but I cannot download/install apps. A bit of poking (since I am network admin) and came to realize that we have all unknown file types blocked from being downloaded... so this could easily be the case on any network with a half way sophisticated firewall. Some firewalls even come with similar lock downs by default.
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You should download Google Voice and see if you can get a fully functioning phone, phone calls, text messages, etc, on WiFi only. It would be a good experiment. :D

I wonder if Verizon would sell a phone with a data plan but not a voice plan.

Google voice isn't VOIP, it's a gateway client. You must have access to phone service to use it for calling; it cannot be used alone.

However, I've read that GV can be paired with Fring to make straight up VOIP calls. I haven't tried it, though, so I'm not sure how to make that work.
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Yes, VOIP would be fun.. hehe.. to bad I already have plan for my blackberry which this phone was an upgrade too. Once I played with the phone - if I could have this phone with no service for below $200 I'd buy it just as a "mini iPad" to use. Amazing capabilities.. I am actually thinking of looking for an iPad clode that runs android os maybe? with a 7 - 10" screen and the apps it may be just a perfect replacement for a laptop with some coloring and such games for my kids! My 4 yrs old spent hours on coloring propgram last 2 days! Amazing!
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