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HTC One Trick Pony, erm, M9


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Jan 28, 2011
Pros: solid metallic unibody design, cutting-edge specs (1080p display is really not much of a downgrade from 2K), dual front-facing speakers (meaning the hardware, I couldn't care less about the BoomSound marketing/software gimmick). Also, the contextual launcher looks interesting.

Cons: it's basically the M8S, it has Sense (I don't like stock Sense, but some of the Sense-based custom ROMs are dope).

What do you guys think?
I actually consider 1080p superior to 2k: no discernable difference in sharpness but a lot less work for the gpu to do, so better response and battery life than the same hardware would give with 2k. Remember that this is a real RGB display, unlike most AMOLEDs whose subpixel structure means they have a lower effective resolution for the same number of pixels, so the resolution difference between this and a 2k AMOLED is smaller than it sounds on paper.

Also although I disliked Sense 1-4 (to the extent that I wouldn't use them), 5 onwards I've actually found to be fine. I'd ROM the device anyway, of course.

For me the biggest drawback is that almost the same design means almost the same size, and I would prefer something a bit smaller (for the same reason I'm glad they didn't enlarge the screen). But I'll wait and see what the real world performance is and, most importantly, what the device is like in the hand, before making my mind up. I do like the build quality and performance of recent HTC flagships, and there's a good dev community for them, so I will be giving it serious consideration.

Also although I've not seen it said officially, if the rumours are true that the base model is 32GB + SD that's considerably better than both of its predecessors (32GB + nothing or 16GB + SD).
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