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Hulu on Nexus One outside the US


May 24, 2010
I live in Australia and am trying to access Hulu on my nexus one. I know Hulu blocks it and I am trying to find a way around it. I have just updated to Froyo and have installed flash.
Is there another website that lets you access Hulu?
will hotspot sheild work over my wireless to my phone?
can you create a VPN for your phone?
are there any apps in the market that can help?

Please let me know if there are any solutions.
there's no solution atm. engadget reported that you could set your ph to desktop and it would bypass it, but when i did it, it either never worked or the had already fixed it.

you can set up vpn's, it's fairly simple, i use it to get on to certain sites at work, car forum, fb etc., but those were firewalled. this is different. a vpn won't help since it's the device, not the network.
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ok. this is how you do it.
1. in the url type about:debug
2. it will seem like nothing has happend but something has, dont worry
3. Press the menu key, more, settings, scroll down to the bottom to UAString and change that to desktop.
4. Now go to guarster.com
5. type in the url in the box that asks for it. And your in!
6. i think you might need to turn on or off one of the settings to get the site to display the flash content.
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